Shimara, Spiritual Artist and Healer



I have worked since 1992 as spiritual artist and healer. It is my privilege to have linked many people with their spirit guides, their soul mates, through my drawings, paintings and meditation sessions. I always encourage people to use these individually created portraits as a tool of progression, to help them on their sacred path. It is my deepest wish that through the efficient use of these spiritual tools people will gain in knowledge and understanding, which will enable them to progress in wisdom and in truth. Each portrait is unique and created especially for each individual.


I was born and grew up in England. My first awareness of myself as a spiritual being came when I was about 4 years old. I knew then, without a doubt, that I had always existed and that I always would. At the age of 5 or 6 I would often ‘contemplate' who ‘I’ was, trying to follow that path of thought back, until I reached the Source, or God. My first experience of meditation as an adult was in my thirties, when I realised to my surprise that it was what I had done as a child when I called it ‘sitting in my head’. I embraced my spiritual path with the eagerness of a child returning home and I saw the light of my star calling me. I am most at home in the stars, wrapped in the light of their love. It is where I find my knowledge, my healing and my inspiration, and I bring it back for you in my drawings, my paintings, my healings, my poems and my love.


A thought from me to you……

If you feel a longing deep within you, if you feel a calling to something higher, just look up into the deep velvet darkness of the night sky, see a star and make a wish. It is the cosmic vibration that answers your call…. and believe me it will.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to draw one of these portraits for you, or if you have any questions about them. I am also available for individual and group bookings, meditation workshops and weekly classes, 'unweaving the story' healings and Spiritual Path Readings. I work from home and can take private appointments here. Distance though is no object, as I work beyond time and space and can tune into anyone no matter the where in the world they are.  The portrait is then sent by post.



Oceans of Love,






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